Towards an Embodied Semantic Fovea: Semantic 3D scene reconstruction from ego-centric eye-tracker videos


Incorporating the physical environment is essential for a complete understanding of human behavior in unconstrained every-day tasks. This is especially important in ego-centric tasks where obtaining 3 dimensional information is both limiting and challenging with the current 2D video analysis methods proving insufficient. Here we demonstrate a proof-of-concept system which provides real-time 3D mapping and semantic labeling of the local environment from an ego-centric RGB-D video-stream with 3D gaze point estimation from head mounted eye tracking glasses. We augment existing work in Semantic Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (Semantic SLAM) with collected gaze vectors. Our system can then find and track objects both inside and outside the user field-of-view in 3D from multiple perspectives with reasonable accuracy. We validate our concept by producing a semantic map from images of the NYUv2 dataset while simultaneously estimating gaze position and gaze classes from recorded gaze data of the dataset images.

European Conference on Computer Vision 2018 Workshop on Egocentric Perception and Computing